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Default Re: MBox 3 Lights flashing

I have more experience to report.

First, to review.....

I have an mbox 3 that works ok on two computers. One uses Windows 7, the other XP. The mbox 3 does not work on a third computer, a Compaq laptop running XP. All I get is the sequential 'chase light show.'

I have tried reinstalling the OS, Pro Tools, the mbox driver, & the USB driver to no avail.

The mbox does, however work fine on the problem computer when I use a port replicator.

Now, here is the new part.....

I went to Best Buy and purchased a powered USB hub.

When I connected the mbox 3 to the powered hub, it settled down and worked ok 'stand alone' even before I started the computer. I started the computer and the mbox then started flashing the blue power tly. I reinstalled Pro Tools and now it works fine.

Note that I am using the same USB port on the computer, the same drivers, etc. Everything is the same except I added the powered hub. I consider this to be fairly strong evidence that the USB power in the Compaq laptop is the culprit.

Please note that I am NOT saying that USB power is always the cause of the failures & that the powered hub will fix all instances of 'light show' or 'hardware not found.' It is just one of the fixes.

I will continue to make some more measurements as time allows to further confirm this. If anyone else is having an mbox 3 problem, please post the details here and I will try to help.

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Both systems old & previously Avid qualified
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