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Default Latest 003R Driver for PT 9 on Windows 7?

As noted in a previous thread - I installed PT 9, but had troubles with the device drivers not installing. I first tried the Device Driver that came in my PT Crossgrade box, then downloaded the "Latest Drivers" from Avid.

It kept saying the drivers were not found and PT wouldn't find my hardware.

Finally I went into Device Manager for the 003 and directed it to the Digidesign subdirectory, where it found and installed this driver:, dated 8/30/2010.

Is this the latest driver, for PT 9 and Digi 003 in Windows 7? The 8.0.4 being the same as my previous version of PT, it seemed "fishy"?

It works, but if someone could direct me to where I can find out the exact revision number and date for the latest driver(s), I'll install it

The installer I downloaded from Avid doesn't seem to put it where my hardware wants to find it.
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