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Default Re: Are these pc components ok?

Originally Posted by chazc080488 View Post
Forgive me for my ignorance about computers but why do I need two more internal drives and what is a /3Gb switch. And is jumping to windows 7 64-bit going to help that much?

And are these video cards and power supply okay?
You need 2 hard drives so that you can record to one drive, while the other(OS) drive is free to deal with the basic operating. Think of the OS drive as the traffic cop, telling the audio and Pro Tools where to go, when to go, etc. Pro Tools is very specific that a separate recording drive is REQUIRED for any level of performance. If all you want to do is 4 tracks and a handful of plugins, then break the rules and record to your system drive(but don't complain when it crashes or freezes and throws up error messages). The 3gb switch allows Pro Tools to access more RAM, so assuming you have 4gb of RAM and a 32 bit OS, it gives better performance. Win7 64 bit gave me a tremendous boost in performance(Dverb test went from 320 to 520)and does not need the switch. The old video card(assuming its a PCIe) would likely work fine. I run an MSI GeForce 7300LE without issues. I have never heard of that PSU brand and would stick with the big names like Corsair, Thermaltake or Antec(just an opinion).
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