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Default stupid editing problems, mix groups, busses not working

remixing a project done elsewhere and brough it into 7.4LE and I'm having some major problems interrupting my workflow. Bear with me as this will sound somewhat schizophrenic.

Bussing appears to be totally unavailable. It's just not working. Signal won't go to a bus track, period.

Also, he's got 5 mix groups all jumbled up and I can't solo a track. It lights up but all other tracks play. So I played around and hit CTRL SHIFT and click on the mutes on every single track and I get normal my solo capability back. I delete all the mix groups and still they appear to be in the session, because when I mute the overheads they all end up muted.

Am i doing something stupid here, am I completely insane, or do i have a corrupt session of some sort? Is there an easy way to get the session to start over to normal parameters with no mix groups?
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