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Default Re: Free MIDI files vs. Purchased MIDI files

I purchased MIDI files from Trackbusters many years ago. While they were great, you still need to do alot of tweeking depending on which keyboard etc you are using. There are SO many sites out there now that have free quality MIDI files that paying for them would be a HUGE waste of money.

If someone could offer me a file that was tweeked the way I LIKE IT, for my Roland XP80 and make it stage ready with the guitar parts deleted. ( I play guitar live ), then maybe I would buy one. BUT, Seeing how I have to go thru and tweek it anyway, just get the file off the internet and make it the way you want it. The only downfall is that you may get 5 differant versions, some with a "hacks" version of a song. ( Totally un-usable )
Hope this helps.
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