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Default Re: Some things I\'d like to see in PT 8 HD (or 7.5

While were at it. How about a option for real time or faster then realtime bounce? I mean i understand the reason for real time bounce.... But i work in a audio post house and rarely if ever go outside the box... i hate bouncing 20 - 30 second tv spots in real time or 5 - 60 second radios in real time. Even on My LE system at home, what percentage of LE users are using outboard comp's and eq's in insert mode? Just give us the option!!!!! One more little option box in the bounce dialog window that says real time or faster then real time. I mean we've been asking for this since version 5? wow maybe even 4? Freaking garageband has this feature, why cant TDM or LE.....
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