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Default Re: 2019.5 questions


Is there a way to 'split the difference' on this? Prior to 2019.5.1. I really like the open plug ins on touch, but the close when no longer editing is a bit frustrating for me. Previous to 2019.5, I would use the blue button (config) on each channel to close the plug in window. That doesn't seem to function in the same manner any longer.

What am I missing?


Originally Posted by creativecontrol View Post

You may want to try disabling Open Windows on Workstation Attention if you are going to keep the trigger for "Edit Window" ticked for Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area. I would also disable Close Windows When No Longer Editing. Both of these can be found under Settings > User.

There are some significant optimizations being worked on that Eddie can probably speak to.


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