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Default Re: "Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value.."

Hi all,

Was this ever solved?

I suddenly can't open 88.2KHz sessions or create new ones - something I used to do it all the time until today.

Opening existing 88.2 sessions fails with the "Could not create a new document because Pro Tools could not set sample rate to specified value.." message.
Creating a new 88.2 session - same message when playback engine is Aggregate IO.
If I set playback engine to Built-in Output and try to create a new session, only 44.1 and 48 KHz are available for Sample Rate.

Audio and MIDI Setup also behaves strangely. It doesn't allow sample rates above 48KHz for the built-in mic and output and crashed a couple of times.
It's strange because I never had problems with 88.2KHz on this computer, and my 88.2KHz files are playing fine in QuickTime.

Trashed preferences and restarted - didn't help.

Any ideas? I'm completely

I'm with Pro Tools Ultimate 2018.7.0, Mac Book Pro mid 2017, OS High Sierra, 10.13.6

Thanks for reading, any input will be much appreciated <3

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