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Default Re: 2019.5 questions

Hi Everyone,

I finally installed 2019.5 for both ProTools and S6. Here are my initial impressions:

While I think that the whole expand knob and attention DAW Area thing has come a long way, I'm finding the entire system has slowed down due to this.

Trying to edit across multiple tracks (clicking from one track to another) at any pace is just laggy. The system as a whole has just slowed down.

Another slightly annoying thing is, I have this habit of clicking a track or selecting a clip and quickly pressing SHIFT+S to solo that track. This brings up a new instance of my EQ smack in the middle of my screen (as if I had pressed shift and clicked on that insert).

Disabling Eucon brings the speed right back to where it was. As does disabling the Edit Window check box in the "Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area" User Setting.

Mac Pro Trash Can 32Gig Ram Sierra
Sonnet Chassis
S6-M10 Port 1 Directly connected to En0 of the Mac, Using DHCP server on S6.
PT 19.5 HDX1

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