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Default Re: missing session...

Originally Posted by asatluvr View Post
Ok it's a session that's missing...not a fault...some of the old session files exist from when I 1st started the tune; but none of the newer renamed files...the session folder is empty...I have combed this computer for these files but once again they seem to have vanished...the song had 10 tracks on it...the old original files only contain the starting of the drum I can't imagine having to completely re record the entire tune....breaks my heart
Can you answer all previous questions really clearly: what was in Session folder>Session File Backups? Did you have an external drive (or network share ore removable media) attached that no longer is? (if so look there).

When was your last manual backup or archive made?

Computer details? Filesystem type? Drive make/model?

You sure all content was in the session folder?

Check the trashcan for your files?

You sure you are searching for the right file names?

How exactly are you searching for these files. e.g. a Mac you should be using find to search for any files with the right file extension, or on Windows the DIR command (with /S option). Don't rely on indexed search utilities like Spotlight or the equivalent on a PC.

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