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Default Re: Please help with Air Instrument Expansion Pack upgrade to enable iLock

Originally Posted by DC-Choppah View Post
Thank you for the reply.

I did not part with $29 since I was never able to access their page to buy that upgrade.

I would be happy to upgrade to v3 fro $129. Air instruments are great and that would be fine to, to have the new instrument and presets.

However, I just followed their instructions and it says to use your Activation Codes from the old VI as a Promo code when you check out for the V3 upgrade. So I tried that, and none of them work! I have all activation codes from my 2.0 version and they don't work as promo codes like they say they should.
Actually it says to use the serial numbers and not activation codes unless for some odd reason they're the same. Glad you didn't get screwed for the $29.
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