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Default Re: New Hackintosh / PT7 monster HD PCI Rig

Bill, if you are PC savy and can follow the build notes docmented somewhere in this thread than try the Jetway MB. You will get an HD3 system.
HD4 is unproven as of yet. I have no PC skills and cannot follow the instructions.
That's why I'm waiting for Multibeast kext support on the tonyMac site.

As for modifying the Gigabyte MB, well I've read it has been done successfully.
You first mark where cuts need to be made in the heat sink to accomodate the length on the longer PCIx boards.
Then you remove the heats ink, modify with a dremel and reattach with thermal compound. That procedure is the same as attaching a CPU.
After all it's just a heat sink.
This is done as a primer step before anything else.

The other mod option is to remove the extra teeth at the end of Digi PCI card.
The ones that do not go into the MB socket. They are not used so you just carefully saw them off with a dremel.
Again I've read this has been done successfully here in this thread or another.
Now the cost of the MB is about $100US.
The cost of an Acell card is around $500US + or - on eBay.
I am going to modify the MB. It's the lesser of two evils.

Good luck and post what you do and your success when completed.

Mac OSX ML 10.8.4 running PT10.3.7 HD4 PCIx (TDM & Native)
Mac OSX ML 10.8.4 running PT11.2 Native
Mac OSX Y 10.10.5 (MBP)
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