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Default Re: New Hackintosh / PT7 monster HD PCI Rig

The chipset has native support for PCI.
It's outlined in the user manual and I called Gigabyte tech support to confirm that as well.
There should be no reason the Digidesign cards would not work.
They are PCI based, not PCIx as we all know.
The problem I see is that only 2 cards will fit on the MB.
Slots 3 & 4 are in direct line with the MB beat sink so some modification will be needed to run HD3 or HD4.
I'm going to wait a month or so before I start this new build.
Hopefully by then there will be support on the tonyMac site for this MB.
I think going from HD3 to HD4 with an extra 16Gb of ram is worth the effort here. As PT is now basically ram based, this will help with large sessions and the extra DSP will help with the TDM plugins which I like to use.
By the fall there may even be a faster CPU available.

Mac OSX ML 10.8.4 running PT10.3.7 HD4 PCIx (TDM & Native)
Mac OSX ML 10.8.4 running PT11.2 Native
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