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Default Re: Still no specs on MTRX Studio Avid?

Originally Posted by tomcat View Post
This box looks great for my purpose (setting up a small, stand alone Atmos mix and music production room)
My main question is: How loud is the unit?
I had an Omni for a minute before I returned it because it was too loud. I don't yet have a machine room for this little space, and if I go native with a mac mini or new mac pro, I may not need one, if the IO isn't a screamer.
Thanks much
The MTRX Studio has one temperature-controlled fan. If you install the MTRX Studio correctly, i.e. don't block the air holes and don't place it right on top of warm equipment, then you will not hear the fan.

FYI, I have a MTRX Studio on my desk, about 2' away. It's so quiet I can't hear the fan so I need to check the front panel to see if it is switched on ;-).
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