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Default Protools III vs Digi001

This is a two part question <and rather long winded at that>. #1: How would a digi001 in a 733mhz G4 compare with a Protools III system <with 1 I/O card and 2-3 Farms>? I'm speaking in terms of processing power and not track count. WOuld I be shooting myself in the foot by getting the older tdm rather than the digi001? <and please bear in mind that I can't afford a Mix system or anything.> and finally, #2: I've heard that the digi001's converters are so-so and I've pretty much heard the same of the older Protools converters. My question is: would using really good outboard gear like the Distressor make a dramatic difference and improve the audio, or will the overall sound of the converters remain the same? I would appreciate any advice <other than the "get a Mix system" advice. hehheh> ont he subject. I've been researching Digidesign products for awhile now, but I need to hear from people who actually use the equipment.
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