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Default Re: Pro Tools Engineer Wanted (San Diego)

We are an publishng company and have made more contributions to music
tham you could even dream of making! Quit harassing others just because they are new
and are trying to figure out the ropes on putting up an Avid listing that offers paid work.

So quit harassing and go get a life!

We are not interested any lame comments or insults from losers that have nothing better
to do! $40 an hour is good pay for an engineer with a Pro Tools program on a computer
that also has a chance to work with pros that know industry-standard CD sound and have
the sound equipment to hear it that most do not have. And full-on smaller studios
with engineer start as little as $50 hour. Just because you have an Avid diploma does
not mean your ears are trained for pro sound as likely they are not, and no money
for tech school will buy you experienced ears or talent!

This board so far has not produced one pro ready to work but just about of amateur unpro
losers with nothing better to do than harass a legit add.

GO AWAY FOOLS! Only post pro answers for the gig or be an unpro fool techie nothing!

O rare wisdom!

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