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Default Quick Start - "Blocked Plug-In"

Hello, I was hoping somebody else would have an answer to my issue.

I bought Avid Recording Studio for my gf who is running a mac OSX 10.6.8 (updated with all of the latest software fixes and security updates).

I installed the program Avid Pro Tool Se 8.0.3 onto her computer and when I tried to boot it up, it loads up the Quick Start which is completely blank and states in the direct center of the window "Blocked Plug-In".

After searching forums for a little bit I read that patch 003 should fix all known issues. So I downloaded the update and it did not resolve my issue. I double checked her firewall and other applications that might block the program (thinking it's malicious) but her firewall is down and there is nothing running that would block it.

Has anyone else had this same issue?

Is there a fix for this issue? And what might cause this?

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