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Default Re: QT codecs from Nitris for PT HD 6.4

Froyo - gracias.

QT version is fine. I'm on QT Pro 6.5.1, which I use with FCP 4.5 and DVDSP 3. I just don't know. I've trawled through on the OMF front, and tried some of the suggestions I've seen (opening the OMF file, rather than importing - copying files rather than linking) there is a difference: If I import and link, I get a dialogue saying the files have to be copied it runs through copying, then puts "converting" ion the paused tasks window - they refuse to resume. Now - if I open the OMF and copy the files - they all copy, and when they've finished copying, PT crashes. I keep a clean machine, I've repaired permissions, done the sudo periodic and forced prebinding. A conundrum. I've read that this is an Digitranslator 2 thing, but I had no probs with it until 6.4

Video-wise I'll get the editor to try other codecs (anyone who can name one from Nitris that they know works?). Audio-wise - I'm stumped! It's a feature, audio is last minute (isn't it always?) and panic is setting in.

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