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Default QT codecs from Nitris for PT HD 6.4

Problem: The editor I'm working with laid off a 3min trailer as a QT. I opened it on a Mac (OSX 10.3.4) in PT 6.2 no problem. Now we're on the full film and I'm on PT 6.4. The reels are exported to QT - same codec. They won't open in ProTools 6.4. I've tried importing them to FCP, DVDSP and opening in QT. Each time it says QuickTime cannot read the file. Also - I can open the OMFs, tracks are created, but then I get the message that the audio can't be read. Is this a 6.4 problem or do I get the editor to double-check everything?

Any ideas?

G4 dual 1.25, OSX 10.3.4, 1.75Gb RAM, PT 6.4
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