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Default Re: ProTools price adjustments from July 1st.

I'm not sure if anyone at Avid is reading this thread... but at least here are my feelings as an owner of the following:
  • Perpetual Ultimate license (PT user since PT6 - I don't want to calculate $$$ on upgrades and plans)
  • S3, Dock
  • HD Native, Omni, 2x192 with extra AD cards, PRE and some 96s lying around
  • 2x Artist Mix, Control and Transport

I just want to clarify that I'm not a "pro" in the sense that this is not my full time job, neither my main income, but this is my main hobby. I'm sure the "big pros" will be mostly ok with the new price model, but not all the money Avid gets is coming from that segment.

With these news I'm just regretting when I bought the 002 and jumped on the ProTools wagon.

I'm also regretting every time I spoke to friends (mainly sound guys) about how happy I was with the ProTools workflow, etc, and got them dragged into this, and now they also have to deal with it. It feels really bad to be honest.

So, at least from my side, is not just the issue about people sticking with their current perpetual licenses, not going for the subscription and moving potentially to a different DAW, but it's also the bad rep that Avid is getting.

Other issue will be people selling the hardware. Once I'm out of the ecosystem, it doesn't make sense for me to keep half of the stuff I got. With more people doing this, the products will depreciate in value. That's just plain supply/demand.

I'm sure ProTools itself will be fine, even if Avid goes bankrupt (probably the best that can happen), someone else will buy it for cheap and make something good out of it.

To Avid:
Great way of losing your customers, and also good luck on getting new ones.

To you guys:
Good luck finding peace somewhere else
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