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Default Re: Pt 9.0.2

Man I just had a scare. I installed Mac HFS support when I installed the Full PT 9.0.1 (obviously before i installed 9.0.2) anyway, It was conflicting with my Lightscribe software, it wouldnt let me burn labels, so i thought perhaps I should update the Lightscribe driver and software. After I did, My pc would not start up. Just black screen.

I knew last time I installed HFS support it screwed me over, but first i
thought perhaps it was the new Lightscribe driver. So tried to uninstall that in safe mode, and it would not allow me to. So went ahead and uninstalled the HFS support, restart, and Im back in action.

Anyone else have that problem? I need Lightscribe, so i'll leave HFS uninstalled until i need it, then uninstall it after im done.
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