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Default Re: low latency recording vs low hardware buffer size recording

For my money, the 6176 is the best of those 3 and the VM is the worst(I've never been a fan of the Platinum series). But for that money, you really have lots of choices. How about a Grace pre thru a Distressor?

Back to the latency QQ, are you using plugins on your tracks while recording? If so, maybe you are choosing plugins that have lots of latency so try others. For instance, the BF76 feels like zero latency while the Waves Rcomp has a noticeable amount. In any case, I just recorded a 4 piece band with my rig on PT8 with the 128 buffer(64 choked it with 16 tracks, several plugins and 4 aux sends on each track for phone mixes) and no one said a word about latency(and 2 of the players have Pro Tools at home).
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