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Default auto-tune evo not showing up in plug-ins list

heres my setup:

pro tools LE 7.3.1cs7
Digi 002 rack
Auto-Tune Evo 6.06
windows xp sp2
amd athlon 64x2 dual 4800 2.5ghz
3.18 gb of ram

i set up my ilok, set up my authorization, installed auto tune and everything seemed to go fine. but i turn on pro tools and i can't find Auto-Tune anywhere in my plug-in list or my audiosuite list. i download the latest updates to auto tune (6.04 was on the disc, i updated to 6.06), pace interlok drivers and to the latest version of pro tools 7.3.1. still nothing.

i checked common files/dae/plug ins/ folder and there are two auto-tune files in there (auto-tune_evo_rtas.dpm and auto-tune_evo_rtas.dpm.rsr)

i sent an email to antares as that seems to be their only form of customer service but haven't heard anything back.

any help would be greatly appreciated!
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