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Default Re: PT M-Powered and Windows 10 ?

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
I would consolidate all the audio and export it. Then import into any current DAW and mix to your heart's content.

Also, since the sessions you wish to retrieve are on a Mac, they may well be saved in SD II file format(which no Windows machine will read). If you can open them on the old Mac, then you could go to File>Save Session Copy>check the box to enforce Mac/PC compatibility and convert to wave file format(I keep an old G4 in the closet just for this sort of thing)

But wait! There's MORE. Skip M-Powered because ever since PT9 was released, you should be able to use the Delta card with any newer version of Pro Tools

Thanks for your tips. After trying Pro Tools First again, seems like exporting all the tracks on my Pro Tools G4 and importing them to Bitwig or Live would be a better bet for me at this time.
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