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Default Re: Multiple lead vocal tracks or punch in recording

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Since seeing it beats my half-***** description, hit youtube and search for "using playlists in pro tools"(without the quotes). Put simply, any audio track can have unlimited takes. Since they only playback one at a time, one set of plugins will treat all the same. Once you see that in action, look into "comping using playlists". You have yet to scratch the surface on what you can do in PT
This comping part is insane I'm blown away lmao. I have another random question. I've seen some ppl when they're separating tracks etc they hover over the corner of the take and make a cross fade. But when I hover over, it doesnt show that. Is there a reason? I figured i dont have something highlighted. I've looked it up but I keep getting results that are really in depth, the videos i see ppl utilize it, it's almost like a smart tool function.
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