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Default Re: Pro Tools vs Reaper


same for me.
i've buy reaper since 8 month.
and the migration is not easy.
For me reaper is a very good daw....everything (almost) is possible.
but a lot of configuration.
and long time to have a good configuration.but everything is customize.

i'm pro tools user since long long time ago (pt 5) for music and post production,and to be honnest the migration isn't easy.
but i can't paid every years for nothing...or just fix a thousand of bugs.

the reaper forum are very very full of some peaople who exchange.
the daw is very stable pc or mac .(mojave too ahahahhaha sorry...)

you can have your repear on a usb key and work everywhere with your conf.

to be honnest there are gaps (no aaf...for ex)but solution can be find.

sorry for my english.
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