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Default Re: What's in your digital console survival kit?

I look after 6 Venue systems (2 SC48s on the way) and have never had a hard disc problem with mine OR systems we sub-hire.

I think like most things, if you maintain it properly you will be fine.
I know of other production companies that do a full system restore after every tour so to get rid of any nasties that may be in the system.
I dont do that as i have never found a software corruption in a Venue that caused fatal errors and i also feel that the more you erase/write onto a hard disc, the more damage you do and the shorter the lifespan of the HD.

The software is easy and quick to install from scratch (updates are easy to download also!) so IF one were to go down in the field, I would pull the dead HD out and run to the nearest Computer store. If i was lucky, i could do it in 15 mins.

Most things in this console are easy to fix with some basic knowlege.
Just keep in mind the conditions of your warranty.
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