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Default Does Magma 2 Slots work with PTHD-PCIX?

Like I'm in a nightmare, after heard about G52.5 DL Liquid Coolant Leak.
and I stuck like a rat with PTHD accel2 PCI-X card can't move to new machine.
Crossgrade to PCI-e is unfair price 2795$.

I try to find the way to save my cost, (my life too)
If I buy Magma only 2 Slots 1059$ convert from PT PCI-X to Macpro Host Card PCI-e.

1. Anyone have experience with it?
2. how's compatibility? to use with MacPro quad or 8Cores.
3. What's the problems that I should prepare to fight with?
4. I heard Magma fan is too loud,is'nt it. how can user solve this problem.

Thanks for all your advices.
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