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Default Re: Pro Tools Standard->Pro Tools Ultimate Cross-grade clarifications.

Originally Posted by Akiz View Post
No i do not!

If we buy this upgrade now, from a 3rd party retailer and want to use it sometime in the future, will it work or is there some kind of expiration date?
Buying directly from Avid, i suppose the upgrade will occur immediately in the account that will be used to make the transaction. We don't want that though, we want to decide on our own where we will use this upgrade.

The retailer we contacted with, said that we can use the code anytime we want, but we prefer to have a confirmation before proceed, because software cannot be refunded. Also can this upgrade be applied to an expired 2019.x PT Standard license in case we sell the old PT 11/12 licenses and want to upgrade the most current one? (probably yes, but better safe than sorry).

There is no info in FAQ that addresses the above queries in Avid's webpage.
As it seems, i'm not the only one who wants some clarifications for that matter...

If you have or about to have an expired Pro Tools perpetual plan and purchase a Reinstatement Plan from an authorized reseller, yes, you can activate this anytime. But if you purchase a renewal from the Avid Website, your Plan will be renewed the time you purchase it. If your plan is still not expired on the date of your Renewal/reinstatement purchase, this will be added to your current plan and will change the expiration date.

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