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Default Re: Yosemite and PT11

Originally Posted by Eric Lambert View Post
Using a beta version of Apple's new OS, Yosemite, very early initial tests are positive. PT11.2 opened right up and so did my test session. Playback was smooth, similar to SL and Mavericks. That's a good start.

This is a test computer - not a work computer - so anyone who just blew a fuse reading about this unqualified configuration can relax. I'd never install this on a work system, not yet
I've been beta testing Yosemite DP7 on a separate disk from Mavericks.
When I run Pro Tools 11.2.1 the fonts in the clips list aren't visible just the usual icons next to the clips. In Pro Tools 10.3.9 the clips list is visible but the Inserts and Sends list aren't displaying correctly. This is happening with both OS X 10.9.4 and 10.10 DP7.

Any ideas?
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