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Default Re: "A game changer"

Hmm, as someone who does a lot of my work at Skywalker, let me just assure you that plenty of us there want all the things that you want too! I for one still want bins.

I guess I should also make clear that anything I post here is simply MY opinion, I certainly don't speak for Skywalker Sound or any of my colleagues there.

I admit I'm somewhat underwhelmed at this release, and I'm quite in a harumph about the pricing, that's for sure.

I tend to agree, this release brings us a lot of things that are a long time coming. The DAE, if it's been rewritten, this isn't some 'new feature', it's a big 'bug fix' that should have been done years ago. I don't quite understand how a 'disk cache' is some innovative new feature. A whole lot of programs have used disk caches before. And Kontakt's memory server was an 'extended disk cache' before Avid's. Don't get me wrong, it's great. But finally having the 'engine' behind ProTools work right isn't a new feature! The old DAE has been a weight on ProTools for some time. I'm thrilled they fixed it. I'm not thrilled that they're trying to 'sell' it to me as something other than an update that we should have had many years ago.

And also, why on earth would you limit this to HD users? This isn't some extra feature. This should be core functionality. And it should be in EVERY version of ProTools.

Fade Files going away? Only about a decade too late. It's about damn time, but I certainly shouldn't be PAYING you for it.

Ability to user Interleaved Files? Again, this is not a FEATUE. This is something that every other audio editing program I have ever seen was able to do. And you're trying to charge me $1000 for it and these other things?

Clip based gain? Great. About time. Again, nothing new. You're finally catching up, that's great. But come on, 'a giant step forward'. More like a 'long time coming step from way behind the competition which gets us up to the plate again'. Maybe. There's still a lot to do!

Oooooo, 24 hour timeline. Heck, that's worth a grand :)

How about these things:

--Offline Bouncing (as about a trilliion other people have asked for).

--Pan Window follows Track Selection (as in Nuendo)

--Multiple Videos online in separate windows

--Multiple Sessions open at the same time (now that the DAE is new, this should be possible, since it's all in RAM now!)

--Um, BINS.

--VST plugin support. Without some 'wrapper'. Why on earth can't you use VST plugins. Insane.

--Export Region group with embedded media. Until you do this, exporting region grouping is still relatively worthless to me.

Some of those would actually change my workflow. Sorry to be 'snarky' but the truth is, PT10 would have been a fine update at $350. I would have bought it right away.

The real bummer in all of this is that Avid is really shooting themselves in the foot I think. I have an HD3 setup. But at this point, rather than spend a thousand dollars upgrading the software, I'm going to sell it, and go to an HD Native card. More tracks, better math, and once I go that route, there's pretty much no chance I'll be going to back an HDX setup. Had they priced HD10 better, I may very well have, at least I would have bought the HD10 software and waited a bit to decide about HDX. And I don't think I'm alone.

I suspect this will simply push quite a few HD users to the Native world, with or without Digi's hardware. I know someone selling his entire HD rig, cards, I/O, etc and going Native on a MOTU 828 Firewire interface. How is THAT in Digi's interest, to drive away those of us who would have been the ones to spend $10k on a new HDX system. But now that they've announced that all their Blue I/Os aren't going to work past PT10, I suspect a lot more people will be buying the MOTU type interfaces. By the way, I saw it, and it's very slick. Much more functional than any Digi interface a much lower price point.

So really I just wonder how many HDX cards they can sell. I won't be buying one. If I didn't already have and love my HD Omni, I wouldn't even bother with the HD Native card honestly, I'd buy the MOTU as well.

Just my .02
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