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Default Re: "A game changer"

Originally Posted by PT Lover View Post
Out of curiosity; which features are your friends missing in PT 10?

Also, what I do when dragging regions around, is to watch the thin, vertical line up in the timeline ruler. It is level with the grabber tool at all times, so I use that as a reference. So, I just click on, say, the loudest part of a region, and can easily drag it to where I want it.

I have to agree with Eric.

I say this as a dialogue and effects editor with way over 20000 hours of Protools experience.

The Protools method of not displaying the waveform when dragging is useless for lining up audio, compared to those DAWs that do display the waveform when dragging audio clips.

It's an impediment to my work, it slows me down just a little, but since I may do this hundreds of times a day, it adds up, and the ladies and gentlemen at Avid who do not appreciate the importance of this small potential time-saving feature would do well to reevaluate their own idea of how Protools could be improved.

This is defnitely an instance where you can trust the veterans.
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