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Default Re: -9173 Error Finally Gone?

Originally Posted by BScout View Post
Our backup systems do snapshot backups and not live backups (and not APFS snapshots either) and there are no issues. Backups are happening every 15 mins.

Two of the largest sound editing/re-recording mixing companies for feature film in the world run on constant backup systems for all their seats to either a Fibre SAN or a network NAS. Neither have issues. Nothing is run locally.
And neither is on an Avid storage "solution."

You might look at your configuration choices for backup solutions if you are having problems.
I'm a freelancer and cannot invest in enterprise level shenanigans. I have 2 Synology NAS, a 12-bay as active backup and a 7 bay for archiving (and two external drives as final backups connected to the archive Synology). Both NAS are equipped with 10Gbe cards and 1TB SSD cache (read/write). On top I use an online backup service. Also I have everything recent mirrored at home.
So if worst comes to worst I'm well prepared.

But I don't know what to do differently because I don't know why PT takes such a hit with running network transfers. I don't have those issues with a NEXIS, so maybe it's about the protocol? This leans into territory where my wisdom ends.

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