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Default Re: -9173 Error Finally Gone?

Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
What you post is kind of contradictory. First you say you noticed a problem and then you say you don't need advise.

It is not so long ago that DigiDesign gave official recommendation to split your audio files to different drives, was it 16 or 24 per drive. Sure, drive performance is now considerably better but that should give you a hint that PT is very sensitive to disk performance. If you want to bang your head to the wall, be my guest. Common sense is still a good idea today.
I experienced an error and unexpected behaviour. That doesn't equal being in need of assistance. I use a workaround. I'm fine. Sharing the reason why I experience this error message might lead others to a solution in their specific case. That's why I posted here.

I have 32GB RAM allocated for caching, this amount is never entirely needed. My SSDs are not (should not be) accessed by PT and transfer to my NAS is restricted to 200kb/s (which isn't even used up, since it's mostly smaller files that are copied, which aren't transferred at max speed) which leaves enough headroom for whatever PT needs to do on any of the drives - even though it shouldn't, because again, everything is cached - supposedly. The issue here sure is not SATA bandwidth.

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