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Default Re: I just replaced a fader on an Artist Mix.

I thought about making a video, but I was pretty certain it would be ugly, and that I would regret doing so. I was right. I had to do some things I normally wouldn't, and I ended up unable to completely remove the top stainless tray from the PCB (it's held there by four clips with great gobs of solder on them). Instead I kind of pried the bottom edges apart to get the replacement fader in and the old one out.

On the plus side there are only seven connections to make: four chassis pins that solder directly to the PCB, and three wires connecting the motor. The minus side is that it is very difficult to desolder the chassis pins when removing the old fader. I ended up cutting them before I could get them out. That's the one thing I suggest for anyone trying this: as counterintuitive as it sounds, flood the old connections with fresh flux and solder before you grab the Soldapult. They will clean up much easier.

Putting the thing back together is very twitchy. The plastic button covers are loose and will fall out at the slightest provocation. The stainless bottom tray cover is a marvel of complication that requires much patience and bending of flimsy plastic parts to get back in place correctly.

All that said, all it cost me was $40 for the replacement fader and a Saturday afternoon.

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