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Default Re: Pro Tools 10 looks great!!!

Originally Posted by spenner View Post
With the amount of memory VI's like EWQL, Trilian, Omnisphere, Structure and Komplete 7 use, a lot of RAM is essential and therefore a big deal for some producers. Pro studios still use 32bit for compatibility reasons due to many plugin companies lagging behind, not because 32bit is preferred. For those in this situation, they are not going to take a risk moving to 64bit when so many of their plugs are not offered in that format. Yes, I can make music in 32bit just like I can go back and make music with a great band and a Fostex FD-4, but 64bit is highly preferred.
The VI's you've mentioned do of course benefit from a 64bit environment, but that's why we have apps like Vienna Ensemble etc to use as hosts for these VI's.
Doing things this way means Pro Tools doesn't need to be 64bit doesn't it?
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