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Default Re: Why do they bundle trial plug ins

I didn't get a chorus, or flanger, or pitch shifter.. Are they located on the disk or are they installed with pro tools. All I have for full use right now is:
EQ:2 band & 4 band
Dynamics: Compressor, BF76, Gate, Limiter
Modulation: That fake one. and nothing else
Reverb: d-verb mono and d-verb stereo
Dither: the dither plug-ins
other: nothing

There is definitly not thirty. I didn't install anything other then pro tools and when I open the program I have to click quit on at least 20 or 30 plug-in demos. it takes a good 5 min to open PT.
Maybe I should uninstall and install. I had so many problems installing PT I don't want to take the chance though...