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Default Re: ProTools 10 On Windows 10

Originally Posted by VGG View Post
Hello all and thank you in advance for any help.

I just did the upgrade to Windows 10, saw where most folks were not having any issues and even had an Avid person tell me that I should be ok.

Well, it's not ok. I am using a MBox and have no special sound cards or anything, never needed them.

Now when I try to record just as I did before, I'm not getting anything. Aside from maybe getting rid of Windows 10, what should I do to correct this?
Some basic stuff might help.
#1-review and reset ALL system tweaks(the Win10 upgrade will have likely reset everything)
#2-make certain that Windows is NOT using your interface as th default playback device.
#3-uninstall and re-install your interface driver. If that doesn't help, uninstall Pro Tools(and the HD driver, no matter what hardware you have) and re-install Pro Tools.
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