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Default Re: information for a newbie

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:<HR>Originally posted by Armando:
I think all you need is a modem to serial converter(GeeThree or Griffen, $50.00) for midi use, a PT Mix Plus system which gives you an extra proccessing card for more DSP(I believe you get a free bundle of plug-ins with the purchase (you should shop for your best price) and although I go with an external SCSI drive, I know you can get away with the second internal ATA HD for your audio, which in your case, you already have. The Digi I/O is one that you must decide on. I use the Adat Bridge which offers 16 channel I/O via Adat Lightpipe and AES stereo I/O. I'm also interfacing it with a Mackie D8B via lightpipe, so....
I don't think I need to tell you about the 888's, I'm sure you already know.....

Plug-ins are a seperate cost based upon what you need. Everyone swears by the Waves TDM Gold Bundle(me included!) but this set will set you back $$.

The entire McDSP line is fantastic. Their MC2000 and Analog Channel are a must!!

the only place i know that sells pro tools stuff is sweetwater, who are pretty expensive, can you point me to any other places that have it, specificly any cheap places?

also i've seen the 888 in a catalog and know it's an audio interface but that's all i know about it.

so all i'd need is the pro tools|24 card and an audio interface? does the software come bundled with this stuff?
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