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Default Re: information for a newbie

I think all you need is a modem to serial converter(GeeThree or Griffen, $50.00) for midi use, a PT Mix Plus system which gives you an extra proccessing card for more DSP(I believe you get a free bundle of plug-ins with the purchase (you should shop for your best price) and although I go with an external SCSI drive, I know you can get away with the second internal ATA HD for your audio, which in your case, you already have. The Digi I/O is one that you must decide on. I use the Adat Bridge which offers 16 channel I/O via Adat Lightpipe and AES stereo I/O. I'm also interfacing it with a Mackie D8B via lightpipe, so....
I don't think I need to tell you about the 888's, I'm sure you already know.....

Plug-ins are a seperate cost based upon what you need. Everyone swears by the Waves TDM Gold Bundle(me included!) but this set will set you back $$.

The entire McDSP line is fantastic. Their MC2000 and Analog Channel are a must!!
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