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Default Re: 7.1 Monitoring Controller & Beyond?

Originally Posted by Frank Kruse View Post

I never said that QSYS was in any way inferior and if you can spend 10k+ on such a box that's great, go for it. I also never said that the NION was better. I simply mentioned the existence of another system which as noted is used at a pretty credible facility.

By all means, get the QSYS if you need all those options and have the $$.

My point was there is almost nothing between the 10k range and the fixed architecture boxes like the Intonato and that the Xilica fills a gap there but it's limited. But now there's the MTRX EQ card so there's a new perspective.

My guess is that these open architecture DSP boxes with I/O cards are the future anyway. The more competition the better. What's great about them is that if you can pretty much program whatever you want to them even down to controlling the light switch in the projection booth remotely of you want to. Just add a new element to your iPad surface.
I know you never said Qsys was inferior and I understand the price point. I even mentioned there are used Nion on Ebay that may help someone who wants that little more flexibly than some of the other boxes mentioned.

The new Dad/ Mom combination with room EQ looks like it would fit the bill for the vast majority of people here looking for a 7.1 monitor box.
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