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Default Re: Surround Reverb Plug-Inís

For me there's no easy answer to that.
They're all good at different things.
I find I use Altiverb the most. It has a fantastic range of Post options and you can create your own reverbs for ADR matching etc using slate claps or hand claps etc if you have a friendly Sound Recordist who will make those recordings for you. You can even create your own surround reverbs or sample hardware into the plugin. The automation is bulletproof too.
I have the Exponential ones as well and I find they're better for more FX based stuff. Stratus and Symphony are my favourites. They also have a great range of Post presets and Symphony can do a very good Lex 480 impersonation with all the modulation, something you can't get from Altiverb. Again automation on the Exponential plugins is flawless.
Both great companies with fantastic responsive support too.
Then there's Slapper which I find pretty indispensable now. Not a reverb, but great for early reflection stuff like alleys and courtyards, forests etc and again brilliant support and functionality.

Tough choice.
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