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Default Re: MDW EQ6 upgrade - no ILOK asset posted

Originally Posted by FDurrett View Post
Hoping someone here can help. I purchased the MDW5-AAX upgrade to v6 yesterday afternoon on the website and still have no asset in my iLok account.

I tried to set up a member account on their website twice so I could contact support, using 2 different email addresses, and neither time was sent the confirmation email to activate my account. I've also emailed PAYMENT@MASSENBURGDESIGNWORKS.COM, sending my purchase receipt, and have received no response.

Is there anyone who has any idea how I can contact them? Not sure what else I can do.
You need to enter your MDW serial key in the iLOK License Manager. Click on the little icon next to the search window and copy-paste your serial key. If accepted click on 'Next' and 'Redeem' and the iLOK license will show up in your iLOK account.

Then you will need to perform a License Surrender of your old MDWEQ5-AAX iLOK license and it will be replaced by the new MDWEQ6-AAX iLOK license.

I hope this helps,
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