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Default Re: Which monitor stands?

Go to M.J Designs or Michael's or whatever craft store you've got around. Buy three plaster pedestals that are 36" high. On your way home stop by home depot and get two bags of sakcrete, primer, 6 tee nuts and screws. Mix the sakrete into a good slurry, make a funnel with a large sheet of cardboard and pour the stuff into the pedestal shaking the pedestal occassionally as you fill it. When it's set, prime it, then drill three holes for the tee nuts into the top of the pedestal and expoxy them in place. Grind the ends of the screws down to a sharp point and cut off the heads. Screw these into the tee nuts eith the point sticking up. Set your speakers down carefully on the sharpened screws. You now have your Genelecs coupled to about 80lbs of concrete. I suggest 3 pedestals because invarible one breaks. Fillers like structurlite use chemical hardeners that heat up when setting. This will splinter the plaster. I thought about sand but figured as it settled that it would bust the bottom of the pedestal and I'd have 100lbs of sand on my control floor. Total cost about $23 each.
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