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Default Re: How to transfer 32bit float into session without clipping

Originally Posted by melloj View Post
I recorded it on a Sound Devices MixPre II and just transfered the files. I do understand the concept of 32bit float and actually asked this question on Curtis Judd's youtube channel. "how do you get the 32bit float files out of the recorder into a DAW without rendering the files clipped as I know 32bit float can only exist internally." to which he replied that the DAW will recognise them as 32bit float. So the question remains, what do I need to do? I'm just importing sound files from a recorder in the usual manner except making sure my session is 32bit.

Was it import ADD, or COPY??

Remove the flash drive from the Mixpre, not the SD.
Copy your files to the audio files folder.
Do the import ADD, NOT COPY.
I have a Mixpre 6 MkII also, but inly run into waveform issues.
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