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Default Re: Where can i buy a Power Supply for my D-Command ?

Originally Posted by Barry Johns View Post
Why do so many Digidesign/Avid gear need power supplies replaced so form?

In all my various gear from many companies, I've never needed to replace a power supply.
I'm going to guess that Digi/Avid sold over 5000 ICONs. Each ICON has multiple power supplies, for things like LEDs, faders, meters etc. So we're talking potentially tens of thousands of units.

We're on a forum where people might report issues like a failed power supply. I suppose you could count the posts by users that mention power supply failures. Not sure if that would yield good data or not. I do know that even things like expensive SSL consoles need power supplies replaced sometimes. It's not uncommon at all.

My ICON has been in use for 11 years (and I leave it on 24/7) and I did have one go bad. I also have an Apogee Symphony I/O that had a power supply fail fairly early on in its life. BTW, the Avid fix I did in the field for a few hundred bucks, Apogee required I send it in and it was $450 plus 2 weeks of lost usage.

But you're right, other than these two times, I've not seen them fail much in other gear.

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