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Default -9073 and -6086 DAE Errors RANDOM, RANDOM, RANDOM

HI, I have digi 002, G5 dual 2.0, 512 ram, 2 internal 160gig hard drives. 1 drive is Maxtor, 7200RPM, bought it from Authorized Apple dealer, it is only used for Audio.

My problem is that I can run 20 tracks without a problem, and then record a track on a different session with 8 tracks and then CRASH! Or vice/versa...Always with a -9073 or -6086. So the problem is very random. Although it seems to be happening more often lately.

Do I need to defrag my drive? I DIDN"T partition this big drive under the advise of my local digi dealer, could that be an issue? I have performed Macs Disc Utility, nothing was found abnormal. I even went through a hardware test with Apple, again, nothing was found to be wrong with my computer.

Is fire wire a better way to go now a days? I have a LaCie d2 320 Gig, 800/400/USB FW Big Drive, Would this drive do better than tracking to an internal drive.

I was under the impression when I bought all this new Apple G5 crap last year that the new ATA Drives were just as fast as SCSI!! Anybody know what the truth is on this issue?

I have had this system for a year now, and have had WAY MORE PROBLEMS, then my last...001, scsi, g4 400ghz. Can't believe how much money I have thrown into this with such lack-luster results.

Any advise would be appreciated.


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