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Default Problem Installing -- "Insert Disk containing Data2.Cab"

So when I go to install Protools 8.0 it asks for this file (Data2.Cab). I downloaded PT8 from the avid/digidesign website keep in mind so I don't have a disk. However, I do see that file in the unzipped folder for PT8... except when I go to unzip everything it throws up an error message in regards to that file. It ends up not getting decompressed.

Do you guys think this could just be a bad download? I had to start it and stop it like maybe three different times. I've used the windows unzip default program as well as Winzip. I can't get either one to unzip Data2.Cab correctly. is also the largest file by quite a bit.

Thoughts? Suggestions? The digidesign people have not gotten back to me on the ticket I submitted.
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