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Default Re: Avid Recording Studio vs Avid MBox Mini 2

I would strongly recommend the MBox2 Mini over the 119.00 SE. I've seen both and the SE/Essentials version is just too limited. The other advantage is the you can upgrade to PT9 at a discount from PTLE and there currently is no upgrade from SE. As the upgrade knocks about 250.00 bucks off the price of PT9 I would really think about that.

At the MBOX2 Minis price range I think its a great deal and that theres nothing wrong with the hardware. If the AVID Recording Studio is using the same MAudio Micro that Essentials used to ship with I would say that the MBox2 sounds better.

My understanding is that the SE and Essentials software is virtually the same. The experience I had was helping some one set up Essentials and I had the hardware software for a week or so to mess with.

I think the full version of PTLE 8.0 is worth the price difference.

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