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Originally Posted by JFreak View Post
More like Waves one-knobs
Ah I see. Not an inherently bad idea, just not for everyone. I have One Knobs myself and I donít really use them, but I probably should. I think I should.

The reason being is I kind of liken them to guitar effects, well the ones with less knobs. Simple enough for just about anyone to use, they can get you a useful range of tones, and can get you going quickly. Which is great for workflow. Plug it in, twist a knob or two, get going. Worry about the details later, make sure you have a solid idea and a solid arrangement first. I think thatís the true value of One Knob style of plugins.

This is actually counterintuitive for me, but shouldnít be. I just tend to get stuck in the OCD way of things which can bog down productions. I just hear that things donít sound right and I feel like I immediately need to fix them. The reality is that some of those parts I end up meticulously working on get scrapped or requires further changes when I hear it with fresh ears. It would seem I waste quite a bit of my time chasing my own tail, I need to learn to work more simply and just keep things flowing. Compartmentalise the details for a more appropriate time, like arrangement or mixdown.

Anyway, thatís my take on it.

Accusonus even came up with some single knob style noise reduction plugins. Maybe thereís a trend from forming here??
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